We do grant writing to help us cover program costs for many of our programs.  We also help support these programs through registration fees or sales commissions.  

But it is quite difficult to find money to support the basic costs of running an organization like the Watauga County Arts Council and this is where your help is so greatly appreciated!  

After all, if we don't have a comfortable facility or the staff support and supplies needed to make these programs and services possible, they simply can't happen!  And even though our name says "Watauga County" and we're lucky enough to occupy a county-owned building, we are an independent 501-c-3 and fully responsible for raising funds to support our efforts.  

Here are some of the things your gifts can help us to cover.  You can make a general donation or you can designate your funds to any of these specifics.  Either way, we're very, very grateful to you for your help! 

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